Setting up my new computer

Last year Ali Spittel posted a bit about setting up their new computer, what they installed, etc. I liked the idea and I’ve decided to organize my various text files in one place here.

Windows Machines

  • Firefox and extensions
    • Ghostery
    • HTTPS Everywhere
    • LastPass
    • Native MathML
    • Neat URL
    • NoScript
    • Privacy Badget
    • uBlock Origin
  • Some sort of antivirus: currently Avast
  • Notepad++, Foxit Reader, CutePDF Writer
  • cygwin (ssh, subversion, git, build-essential, curl, wget, colordiff, etc.; copy over my ~/bin and append my bash aliases)
  • RPN Calculator
  • f.lux
  • SpiderOak ONE
  • Inkscape, GimpShop
  • Steam, GoG launcher
  • Calibre
  • Chrome, GitHub desktop, Slack, WireShark + winpcap, NVDA
  • SketchUp, vCarve, CutViewer Mill, CamBam, 123D Design / Fusion 360, EAGLE, LCPXpresso, Google Earth
  • Synergy
  • Evernote

Linux Machines

sudo apt-get install build-essential openssh-server kubuntu-firefox-installer automake autoconf libtool glibc-doc libboost-all-dev colordiff subversion patch chromium-browser chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra inkscape zip rar unrar curl gimp wget git dos2unix unix2dos

Hmm. That list looks too short. I know that’s missing things.