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A quick note for anything trying to get Gears to work with Firefox 3.5 and 64-bit Linux: follow the steps in this post. The post is for gcc 4.3.3, but it worked just fine with […]

Computer name meme

Here in the underground bunker we have computers named after fruits: lime lemon mango cherry indigo – not a fruit, but replaced “indulgence” oreo – my wife has convinced me that Oreos are definitely a […]

The latest VMware Server will install in Hardy (v8.04), but wouldn’t run for me. A short page on HowtoForge gave me the pointer I needed to get it to run: sudo cp /lib/ /usr/lib/vmware/lib/ […]

In case you missed it, yesterday brought us a new release of Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and family. The version is called “Hardy Heron”, version 8.04. New features of interest are desktop 3D effects (compiz), the ability […]

The kdevelop 3.3 in kubuntu’s edgy’s repository has a nasty tendency to lock up when working in C++ code. Apparently this relates to it using an old and creaky Berkeley DB version. I’ve been using […]

Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu has released 6.10 (Edgy Eft). The noticable upgrades from 6.06 are Firefox 2, faster bootup, and a simpler control panel for system settings. There have been reports on the forums of people having difficulty […]

Switched to Kubuntu

After Windows annoyed me one day too many, I’ve switched over both my daily computers to Linux. Oreo (our file server) has been on Fedora Core 4 for quite some time, and I’ve run FC […]

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