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SSL certificates for a web site are pretty cheap, as is SSL-capable web hosting. However, for development reasons, I need a wildcard certificate and refuse to pay the several hundred dollars (annual) fee to a […]

Happy Easter!

Do you know what the Easter Bunny does the other 364 days of the year?

Thanks to Diann

I’ve been meaning to post a few words of thanks to Diann here and properly give her credit for (among things too numerous to count) a lot of my site design ideas and motivation. She […]

A little AJAX To-Do list

While experimenting with a new style of looking at mySQL programming, I threw together a simple To-Do application based on AJAX. I don’t claim it will gracefully degrade to non-capable browsers (if you have javascript […]

Image: hobo cat

Spring finally made a convincing appearance here this weekend. Much outdoor roaming and dog training was done.

I discovered that WordPress doesn’t support outputting secure (HTTPS) links for the login, admin, and registration pages. SSL seeems to be an all-or-nothing thing for them. It also doesn’t provide a way to limit your […]

Webcomics I regularly read

Web comics that I think are (usually) worth reading: Scary Go Round, by John Allison Penny Arcade, written by Jerry Holkins and illustrated by Mike Krahulik Achewood, by Chris Onstad Over-compensating, by Jeffrey Rowland, author […]

I’ve been using a fountain pen for years, but I had never known a fountain-pen-safe waterproof ink — until today. Apparently the folks at the Noodler’s Ink Company have created a few inks that contain […]

Wi-Fi use survey at OSU

Riad Lemhachheche at the Oregon State University is conducting a survey on how people use and perceive Wi-Fi networks. Go take the survey.

I’ve switched over to WordPress for keeping up the Rantings page here. I’ll be messing around with settings for a few days, but please email me if you see anything strange. Expect this place to […]

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