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Sweet cherry brandy sauce

When Diann and I were in Williamsburg in 2006 we purchased some delicious cherry cognac sauce which was somewhere between preserves and pie filling. It was fabulous on ice cream and, continuing yesterday’s cherry theme, […]

Cooking is a creative art

From the Blacksburg Farmer’s Market, buy: one Weathertop Farms pastured chicken five cups of sweet cherries one loaf of sesame and wheat bread one head of leaf lettuce Spatchcock/butterfly the chicken, brine it with garlic, […]

Diann and I spent the time between breakfast and shower making potato stamps. I’ve cut a few linoleum and eraser block stamps for her over the last year or two, but hadn’t used potatoes since […]

My friend Paul is raising money for his local Muscular Dystrophy Association and would greatly appreciate any donations that you could send his way.

The latest VMware Server will install in Hardy (v8.04), but wouldn’t run for me. A short page on HowtoForge gave me the pointer I needed to get it to run: sudo cp /lib/ /usr/lib/vmware/lib/ […]

Command history meme

My output from history|awk ‘{a[$2]++ } END{for(i in a){print a[i] ” ” i}}’|sort -rn. 58 dir 49 cd 44 svn 40 ssh 25 cat 21 sudo 21 make 18 telnet 18 svnmerge 18 rgrep 18 […]

Firefox Download Day 2008

Competition is good for everyone! Well, everyone save the entrenched leader. Help Firefox set a new record for most downloads in a day.

Boing Boing recently mentioned an EFF article Protecting Yourself From Suspicionless Searches While Traveling. The article is interested and well-researched, and it mentions using disk encryption to secure your data. The problem, as noted: We […]

In case you missed it, yesterday brought us a new release of Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and family. The version is called “Hardy Heron”, version 8.04. New features of interest are desktop 3D effects (compiz), the ability […]

Wedding pictures

Jennifer Farris (our fabulous wedding photographer) posted a single photograph from our wedding, as a teaser. I’m very excited to see how the work turned out. Also, a few of the photographs from my camera […]


Photo by Warren Gross (thanks!)

My friend Paul had a gig last weekend with Greg Hawks for a new CD, Coming Home. He’s a solid song-writer, a pleasant singer, and has the backing of a good band. The CD is […]

Thumbs up:

We recently purchased a new battery for Diann’s 3rd-generation iPod from I just wanted to post a thumbs-up to the ladies and gentlemen running that show: the directions were detailed and clear, the little […]

If you’re using subversion and haven’t yet used svnmerge for merge management, I highly recommend it. It gracefully handles most of the chores associated with branches, from remembering which merges have happened and which were […]

GPLv3 draft three released

The Free Software Foundation has released the third draft of the GPLv3. They have a news release about it which briefly summarizes the progress. This likely going to play a big role in the future […]

Today is World Water Day. Please take a little time to think about your relationship with your water resources today, something that most of us take for granted. Consider how you can use water wisely […]

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