Western Digital Caviar Green == junk

I ordered three hard drives from Amazon, Western Digital Caviar Green 1.5TB models (WD15EADS). They were inexpensive and I talked to people who used them in their desktop setups. It turns out that Western Digital, at some point, changed the drives they were making so that they no longer work under a RAID setup. The drives routinely fault out of the array because you can’t turn on TLER. Also, they make a horrible loud clicking noise every ten seconds as the heads are parked and un-parked due to routine disk access under Linux. Nowhere on Western Digital’s page about the drive does it say “do not use in a RAID setup” or “do not use in Linux.” Oops.

From scouring the web, it turns out that the “sub”-model number and build date are important. My three drives were WD15EADS-00P8B0, built Nov 2009, firmware 01.00A01. There are reports that older build-date drives can be made to work; true or not, mine could not. Western Digital’s customer service is of zero help, blaming the problem on everything but the drive.

No more Western Digital drives for me. I’m returning these three as defective. I’ve put WD drives in my last three builds because they’re inexpensive and reliable. No longer. Back to Seagate drives (yes, even after their ST31500341AS firmware debacle).

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