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I made a freezer paper stencil shirt!

The instructions elsewhere are as clear as anything I’d write, but what I learned today:

  • For multiple color prints, don’t paint the under layers where the top layers will go; you build up too much ink if you have layer on top of layer. A bit of overlap to make registration easier would probably be fine.
  • Iron a piece of freezer paper on the inside of the shirt before ironing any pattern on the outside; it will keep the outside fabric surface from wrinkling from the paint, stretching, etc.
  • If you’ve a short or long torso, adjust the height of the stencil appropriately. (Duh, but see image below.)
  • Shun the frumious bandersnatch!

Design copied (with permission) from Quadro’s fabric work:

Brown shirt with a cartoon piece of toast smiling, hugging a pat of butter, also smiling.


  1. Also, wash the shirt and run it through the dryer (to shrink it) before stenciling. This one didn’t appear to shrink much, but I have been told that post-stencil shrinking makes for ugliness.

    Comment by jon — 2008.Jun.19 @ 12:56

  2. That is the cutest shirt I’ve ever seen in my life!!

    Comment by Joe — 2011.Jun.28 @ 10:35

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