Getting and compiling (C++) Kdevelop for Edgy

The kdevelop 3.3 in kubuntu’s edgy’s repository has a nasty tendency to lock up when working in C++ code. Apparently this relates to it using an old and creaky Berkeley DB version. I’ve been using 3.4 on my two development machines for a long while, but thought it might be helpful to folks to post the instructions here on how to get and compile the code. These are based on the requirements and installation instructions on the kdevelop site. (I recommend uninstalling the old kdevelop from Adept before you do this.) This involves a few steps:

  1. save the below scripts (and patch file) to a directory. Make all scripts executable (chmod u+x *.sh).
  2. get the required libraries/packages (sudo
  3. get the kdevelop source code and patch files to make it work on edgy (
  4. configure the kdevelop build (
  5. build (cd kdevelop-3.4-source; make -s) and install (sudo make install)

Here are the scripts I used. I don’t guarantee them, but they should get you a good start.


  1. Thanks for these scripts. I just installed Edgy, but I couldn’t get kdevelop to show up in Adept. The only issue I had was that cervisia wasn’t in any of my repositories. I ended up using Linux App Finder to grab that package.

  2. Michael,

    In order to see kdevelop via apt/Adept, you need to enable the “universe” repository. That repository contains a large number of apps which are supported by volunteers (rather than the core Kubuntu team), most of which runs without problem.

  3. I had enabled universe and multiverse, but for some reason it didn’t show up. Maybe I didn’t wait long enough for it to appear in Adept. Also, some part of qt3 was missing from your fetch script. I don’t remember what I chose to fix it, but ‘qclientassistant.h’ was missing when I tried to make kdevelop. But these are totally minor issues. I spent hours yesterday trying to get and build everything to get kdevelop working to no avail. But now I’ve got everything working well. Again, thanks for these scripts.

  4. I ran your scripts on a different Edgy install, ensuring that I had universe enabled. Everything worked perfectly, except for the missing ‘qassistantclient.h’. The package I had to install was qt3-apps-dev.

  5. I added “qt3-apps-dev” to the get-packages script. Thanks for your input.

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